Thursday, July 7, 2011

Summer is Here

OK, no more lazing. Summer is here! Sauvie Island begs to be visited, the patio furniture has been BOUGHT and we had our first al fresco dinner last night on it!, the first houseguests have come and gone, my first trip is done and John has one concert under his belt. So, a few things for you and I to blog and chat about:
  • A pile of shoes by the front door of a home; does this indicate shoes-off-house? Yea or nay? Do you do shoes-off? Did you grow up with shoes-off?
  • I have kept two secrets from you over the last month: I started doing Zumba and I am in Week 7 of Weight Watchers. (More on this to come, don't fear!)
  • The crazy neighbor has not stopped. He is making ME crazy and I am accepting any and all suggestions on how to deal with a honestly mentally-unbalanced neighbor who is loud all the time... not the kind of neighbor you go chat with about the noise.


  1. I don't like it when I go to a shoes-off house (unless it's of a good friend) because I frequently wear shoes like little ballet flats where I don't have socks underneath. And while I have no problem walking around with flip-flops, I somehow feel awkward walking around in someone else's house, sitting around on their couch, etc., in my bare feet.

    I am very interested to hear more about Weight Watchers.

  2. Has he stopped NOW?? neighborhood petition time