Monday, June 6, 2011


In a world filled with goldfish-length attention spans and 140 character tweets, I do get a kick out of our very, very first reactions to things - to news items, to gossip tidbits (and in this case, the latter pretending to be the former).

Gleefully full of schadenfreude and tuned into today's Anthony Weiner press conference, I was still shocked, however, when two people in the room, awaiting the good Congressman's turn at the podium, repeatedly said, "His wife is so beautiful, though," as if that had something to do with it!

As for my first reaction? A little shock, I admit, last week - he's Jon Stewart's friend after all! And then laughter today, and then a Wikipedia visit to find out he has been married for NEARLY ELEVEN MONTHS. Time for a vow renewal, I suppose?


  1. You know what I resent, again, as a card-carrying, knee-jerk, liberal woman? Once again feeling like Dianne Wiest in Footloose. "I still think you're a wonderful, a wonderful preacher. You can lift a congregation up so high they have to look down to see heaven. But it's the one to one where you need a little work."

    I'm tired of being reminded, again, that the ones who support us as a group can be just so ordinary when it comes to how they treat us as individuals. Even the leaders who let the kids dance.

  2. Now, do we need any more proof that we have no real news, only infotainment, always draging things down to the lowest possible level?
    War, unemployment, health care mess/crisis(as you get older it becomes the latter), climate change, poverty, failed educational system--whatever.

  3. Referencing my previous cranky & bitterly cynical post --- it was a long week of daily media crap about this. That he is one of the most verbal progressive voices, and to see him so blatantly screwed up about his sexuality, marriage, etc., was a drag. The glee that his critics took in bashing him was gross, considering their own moral status.