Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Lazy summer.

The pre-summer (and now, officially-summer) laze has hit me. (Laze is too a noun! Such as: the laze, it hit me.) And this blog is bearing the brunt.

I do have things to write about - funny things John said, a fantastic and boozy dinner party we went to, more tales From The Bus (the #6 even, just like Jenny from the Block rode), work tidbits both profound and inane - but I'm too distracted. No matter how old we get, we want to spend all morning in our pj's in the summer.

Remember that feeling? It's warm and sunshiney outside, and the lovely hours out in it are longer than you even have enough energy for. You have to go to bed before the sun fully sets - too tired out from playing Pickle or swimming or catching fireflies. (No, they don't have fireflies in Montana. But they have them in Cape Cod and the best laze can only be had in an Old Cape Cod sort of summer.)

So I'll get back to it. The days will stop feeling so heady, tempting and deeply beautiful. I'll get back to the grind and update thoughtfully - soon - I promise!

(And in the meantime, c'mon, listen to the whole song. It's vintage and adorable and Cape-y!)

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  1. Ah-h-h, was just thinking how great it was to go every summer to CC. When you & Bub were little, those days at the beach, muggy nights, family, ice cream-- lazing big time. It was grand. (of course I forget the rainy days!) I will always want to be in warm water in the summer, with sand & surf. (rivers are just not the same)....we will make a summer trip one of these summers/early September.
    enjoy the days....