Monday, April 25, 2011

What I missed

Gay and Jewish (not necessarily together, but sometimes) emerged as the two most widespread topics on night one of the comedy fest. On night two, it became laughable that I had missed what emerged as the far-and-away, at least ten-to-one winner subject of stand-up this week: masturbation.

And, let's be honest, I'm talking about male masturbation. Fun kinds, gross kinds, shameful kinds (LOTS of this), mutual kinds, current kinds, teenage kinds... and on, and on, and on.

The guys who made it funny were great; but most of it ranged from unfunny to moderately chuckleable (and yes, that rhymes with fuckable, which ryhmes with Huxtable and if you think that those two last words weren't woven into a Cosby-themed sketch about sex, then well... you may underestimate the sheer insane amount of topics that over 185 comics can cover!)

The second day of the fest brought fifteen more sets by fifteen more comics (and the first three women!), plus a sketch comedy troupe we walked out on.

Other themes? Text message mishaps, revenge poop stories, pot smoking, and loads of making fun of Portland with good-natured gibes about bikes, hipsters, Iron & Wine music, more pot, and the whiteness of the audiences. There was a great Muppet bit (because you're NEVER too old for a Muppet bit, as this entire 21+ event illustrates) and a great rant about the causes of ADD.

Which I feel like I am developing ... so many comics, so tough to plan! I mean, check out the schedule for just one day here!

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  1. One could write a thesis on how stand up comedy defines culture. Or is a reflection of that culture. For some reason even the thought makes me exhausted.