Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Laughing muscles: now in shape.

Day three: about nine hours of comedy over twelve hours at the festival!

(See why it won? It was on the first 70-degree-sunshiney-Saturday in Oregon for 2011, and it was twelve hours of high energy conversation, marching up and down SE Hawthorne, eating Indian food, drinking champagne, sipping rum, refueling with diet Cokes, spilling pizza in my purse on purpose (YES), fortifying with red wine, and blearily making it home at 2:40 AM.)

30 comics on this day alone! Whew. (Give or take; and about 5 were repeats.)

New themes: why liberals are wimps, why stand-up comics can't maintain romantic relationships, recreational Cialis use, psychadelic mushrooms, bicycle riding, bicycle accidents, bicycle jerks, taking mass transit and Portland's superiority over Seattle (and from a Seattlite once!).

Also, a rap song about a bee - an aggressive bee - who acted aggressively - that included a riff on "Roxanne" by Sting (see the connection?) that caused me to loudly "WHOOP!!" on a podcast, for which the song was being performed live.

Wrap up thoughts on this whole form of entertainment are coming in the next post... but my preview comment? There is nothing quite like immersing oneself in something new to get a real sense of it; it was without a doubt the right choice to just leap into the Fest!

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