Wednesday, January 19, 2011

1 month later...

... give or take... since I last blogged. I'm taking 2011 seriously; more seriously than I have taken previous years. Is it the looming "THIRTY" that will arrive this year? Perhaps.

But I decided that something had to give while I sorted out some resolutions and new habits, and what gave way was the blog. Too much pressure! Too tough to keep it up for a handful of readers, and a rare smattering of commenters. It sort of epitomized how I've been living... give, give, give and be too busy to receive, receive, receive.

I've added some gym time to 2011, and am working to procrastinate less on the little things. (The big things? Eh, they're OK to procrastinate on, as far as I see it. But letting the dishes or laundry pile up, failing to prep a lunch or a gym bag, leaving mail stacked around... those are the things that really needle me, and wear down my temperament into a snide, snippy, sarcastic shrew.)

As for the blog? It may be time to take a turn with it, and use it for the next few months in one way only... work anecdotes, short slice of life anecdotes, tales from the spiritual advancement files, etc. Suggestions?


  1. I actually like all three of those suggestions in your last paragraph, but that doesn't much help you with narrowing down your focus, does it?

    I'd say "slice of life anecdotes" if you were going to force me to choose one.

  2. I'm in agreement with Jen. And I'd choose the same if you forced me to choose one. But really - I don't care - I just like your writing. I know I don't comment very often; hardly at all, in fact. But I check your blog on an almost daily basis for updates. Perhaps there are others like me? Perhaps you have more readers than you realize? But don't stop it altogether. Perhaps that's not a fair request, especially since I never speak up when you pose a question to your readers.

    But have I mentioned that I enjoy your writing?


  3. I realized pretty quickly with our blog at Foot in the Door that you can't be blogging for anyone else but yourself. I was trying to post something weekly, but quickly realized that I don't have as much to say as I thought I did, that I don't have as much time as I thought I did, and we didn't have as many readers as I thought we would. If I have something I want to share, I post it; I don't feel pressured to post either, though. It's just nice to know that the soap box is there if you feel like yelling into the abyss.