Monday, January 31, 2011


While I'm using Google to frantically search "nonarticulated fracture" and "interphalangeal joint" to understand my x-ray results... to understand them more than "CHRIST, MY FINGER IS BROKEN" and then shuddering violently at the idea of hand surgery... ugh, shudder... violently... I must say it is not very nice, Mr. Radiologist Lab Dude, to tell me - in writing! - that the rest of my metacarpals are "unremarkable."

You, sir, did not see all the football catches I made in practice before the one I missed broke the proximal phalanx of my left index finger. They were great, and rather remarkable, if I do say so myself.

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  1. Non-articulated?? I don't think you read that word to me on the phone. Non-articulated is much better. So that fracture line that is extending down to your articular surface is not going into your joint (so yay :) ). And did they say the proximal phalanx is broken? For some reason I thought you said P2 (which is the middle phalanx). Proximal is basically your first knuckle to your second knuckle, or the part of your finger a ring rests on. I sincerely hope you just get to rock a cute finger splint and don't need surgery. Best wishes.