Thursday, November 4, 2010


Text message exchange that I participated in yesterday, with my texts in bold and italics. Punctuation has been transcribed with precision.

Hey!Hows it going?;)

Uh-oh. Sorry, I don't have your number in my phone so I don't know who this is.


This is Emily.

Nopeee!Try again.

No you idiot, I am Emily. Either you have the wrong number or I don't have you programmed in my phone.

Do you know Justin Haskins?



What school do you go to?

Don't know Justin, and no school. I am 30 years old and at work right now.

oh god!Sorry! My bad!


  1. What makes this even better is that at some point Justin Haskins is going to google his name, or one of his friends is, and they'll find this and figure out who texted you.