Monday, July 19, 2010

It's a mystery, x 2.

There is much, much, MUCH to write and many, many, MANY pics to post of the great weekend move. But for now, there are two mysteries to this little corner of NE Dekum...

First, we have an insane neighbor who walks around his yard of weeds and scrap wood, carefully selects a shitty, splintery piece, and uses his circular saw to cut it. ALL DAY. And evening. He also appears to maybe live in a tent in the yard. (I think he will figure greatly in future blogs... and future research into noise/nuisance laws.)

Second, a couple times a day, each day, the whole block is filled with the smell of ice cream cones. I don't how else to describe it... too light to be cookies, and too sweet to be actual waffles. Maybe there is a waffle cone factory nearby? I'm not sure, but it's sort of amazing.

1 comment:

  1. "Creepy" to the neighbor..."delightful" to the ice cream cone idea. How lovely would it be to eat a just out of the oven, waffle cone?! Though, I'm not 100% certain an oven is involved at all in waffle cone creation.

    Crazy neighbors are simply a given I think. This set are the best I've ever had...and I still rant and rave about them. I was glaring at my parents neighbors for disturbing my tranquil views with their generator yesterday (and they live about 4 acres away).

    But a house is magical just the same. I am so very happy for you guys. I can not wait to visit. I love houses!!!