Friday, October 16, 2009

Good Thing Friday (tentative).

I may have found the curly hair expert of Portland, Oregon! Amie at Wack Salon, which is in/near the Jupiter Hotel. I am hopeful, for reasons outlined below, that good hair days lie in my future. Look!

Look at those! They're not gel-covered and crunchy! They're not wet and revving to frizz any minute now! And I lost about ten pounds of hair, yahoo!

The things that are currently contributing to conversion to PDX curly hair expert Amie...

1. It was like a first time hair cut. Rather... it was like I'd never had my hair cut before. Honestly. All that pulling and trimming at angles, and making layers? Apparently, NO, this is not how one does things with curly hair! It was a totally new experience and very counter intuitive.

2. Dry cutting and a shampoo after. This is genius. My hair looks amazing when wet or damp. It has great layers, looks full of body in the right places, a Pantene commercial. This is how stylists cut it. But then it dries and it's a pyramid. Of puffiness. And ledges. And weirdity. Amie cut it dry and THEN washed and styled. Win!

3. The styling process was these steps: rub in a single product and pull the hair away from the scalp. Tousle and go. They always say, "oh you can do this at home" but seriously, this time, if I can't do this at home, I must be incapacitated for some dark reason.

4. I wanted to buy the product and not only she did ask if I was running low on other things at home - if it was a good time to invest - but she guarantees it. If I can't get it to work, I can return it! (Plus she is understanding and accepting of those who cut their hair every 3 months. Or 6. Or, gasp, even 12.)

Ladies and gents with wavy or curly hair, and mothers of unruly frizz bombs, I beg you... get thee to a curly hair specialist! If I can make it look half this good tomorrow, that's twice as good as any other haircut I've ever had. Good Thing Fridays from here on out!

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  1. Oh, I have always wanted curly hair. My sister got it instead, and half the time she blow-drys it straight, darn her! Your curls look beautiful. Here's hoping your magic hairstylist helps them stay that way, because I think curly hair is just gorgeous, and those who have it ought to flaunt it.