Friday, October 9, 2009

Good Thing Friday: Past and Future.

Since I missed last week, we get two today! The future Good Thing, I am dearly hoping, is tonight's dinner in California (where I am).

I will report back and take pictures if needed. But a whole restaurant of dumplings and steam buns is basically heaven to me - and my hosts here in CA have been to one of the original locations of this place in Beijing, as well as this lone USA location, and say it's fantastic.

The Good Thing from the (uh, my) past this week is television. Oh, ho, ho, wait, what? Television!? Yup. I realized this week that I barely have time for all the work, cooking, socializing, DVDs and stuff in my life... and I think as I enter Year 4 without any kind of cable or broadcast television at home, I realize I have fully adjusted to the change.

So why is it, then, the Good Thing? Because now it has shifted into becoming dessert! It's maraschino cherries, it's a slice of cake swimming in spoonfuls of heavy cream, it's warm brownies at 10 PM. I can now gleefully watch it without fearing getting too attached, I can enjoy it on vacation or when traveling, and it's a Good Thing to space out to sometimes. All things in moderation, I know I know, and so I'm letting this week end with a little mental dessert. Hello, Oprah!


  1. We don't have cable or broadcast TV either. I haven't had it since I lived in the dorms at Linfield last, in 2001. But I watch so many different shows via Hulu, Netflix, etc., that I don't feel as though I have "given up" TV. I do much prefer watching it via internet and DVD though. No (or very few) commercials, and I watch it whenever it is convenient for me, not when the networks choose to air it. And so much cheaper (since I'm already paying for Internet anyway, and we have the cheapest Netflix subscription they do). I don't miss being able to turn on the TV and have lot of channels, not a single bit.

  2. wow, how admirable, truly!! (at the other extreme, I am a total tv slug, boo-hoo).