Sunday, July 6, 2014

Oh, yeah, and we went to Honduras in May.

I have always been weirded out by pictures of birds and monkeys on peoples' shoulders in foreign countries. But at this nature preserve, the monkeys were free to come and go - no cages, no nets, no barriers. Zoo animals in the US have names; so did these guys. If they wanted to come when called, and wanted to sit in your shoulder for a sunflower seed, they did. If not, tough luck. And if they wanted to relocate on Roatan from this location, they were free to do so. So I decided it wasn't so bad, and let this dude rest his gentle little feet on me.

Example number one of the off season. Sunset. 100% empty chaise lounge chairs, 5:50 PM on a Friday.

Hammocks on the deck of each hotel room. It's also 89 and full of humidity, but I regret not buying one of these lovely rope hammocks at a roadside market.

Example number two of the offseason. Black Rock snorkel site, a six minute walk from our resort/hotel and amazing underwater sites. 11 AM on a weekday.

Hammocks at the ice cream parlor in West End. The way to enjoy ice cream.

Dinner on swings! 

It was fun, even if our server thought it was weird we ate a whole meal in the swings, and not just cocktails (as most folks do).

Scarlet macaw I did not want on my shoulder.

John, suspicious of the capuchin. 

John, friends now with the capuchin.

Example number three of the offseason. 25 seat dive boat - 1 diver, 1 instructor, 1 captain, 3 snorkelers. $15 for a 2-site morning trip, and room to stretch out! 

Example number four of the offseason. Late afternoon swim, 4 PM on a weekday, and very few people disturbing my lazy salt-suspeneded back floats. 

Sun kissed. It was eight days without makeup, and without a bra. That's how I define vacation.

Above and below: 5 year anniversary night (the night we arrived). Silly, blurred photos, but a happy wood anniversary! 

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