Tuesday, August 13, 2013

July 19: In Transit

(As written in my journal that day; grammar and minor edits only.)

Leave it to the efficient Swiss - arrival flights are not posted within the international terminal. Because why would you need them? You're behind security. You're departing. That other stuff is on a need-to-know basis.

So I wait anxiously at the gate for Meggie. Swiss elevators are fantastic, by the way. They only turn on with a motion sensor. Genius! The flight to Nairobi and on to Dar Es Salaam is literally at the last gate, in the farthest corner on the lowest level of the terminal. E67 of 67. I weirdly don't feel that day physically; maybe, to borrow a line from new parent pals at home S & L, I've been solidly filling the sleep hole with food. I haven't gone more than 2.5 hours in the last 25 without eating.

Meggie arrives! We are among the last to board the plane. I am so happy to be united - and now feel like we can do anything.

We stop in Nairobi for about an hour; we're not let off the plane. Very few people are headed on to Dar, as you can see, and we're ready to feel the humid Indian Ocean air (and for bed!). I've been up 33 hours now, and she's been up 21.

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