Tuesday, July 16, 2013

34 hours til wheels up

The countdown is really on. Having planned this trip when I had a different job, the timing then made sense. At a new job? It's frantic - to say the least. There are about a hundred things to do between now and 4 AM tomorrow morn

But, merrily we roll along, and a few decisions made over the packing process in the last few days:

  • I need to take my lucky lighter from Sean; college graduation gift that he got in Japan.
  • It was time to purchase an extra large Pack Towel and not try to take a real towel.
  • I have three courses of antibiotics - 1 penicillin and 2 cipro - which feels uncomfortable to be in possession of.
  • How many pairs of underwear? 4 quick-dry backpacking kind. 3 extra cotton kind.
  • The shoe dilemma ends with me wearing my Danner hiking boots on the plane, and packing my clogs and beat-up sneakers.
  • Yes, I am bringing mascara. Sue me.

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