Friday, January 4, 2013

A new year, a new you.

I initiate resolutions all year long - on my birthday, when the seasons change, on the first of any month, after a terrible hangover. But new year's resolutions are, without a doubt, the best ones. My favorites. And I let them roll on in the first couple weeks of the year; I'm not a stickler for exact start dates and nor am I all-or-nothing about perfect attendance. Once again, I am certain I will floss every day in 2013. So far, 3 days down!

But the other, current two resolutions are a bit different than in years past. First, I'm on a Facebook diet. A fast, actually. I deactivated my profile until January 31; then, I'll decide what I want to do with the site, and how. I'm enjoying the freedom from it so far but it has been (probably not that) shocking to see how often I open a tab to check it.

Second, at the advice of a new wonderful friend, I thought all last week about my word for 2013. This is the word that I'll keep reminding myself of when I'm faced with a decision - big or small - or experiencing that daily uptick in stress, the rising feeling of being overwhelmed by all the things I should do - next - now - quickly - perfectly - !

And the word is: grounding.

Webster's defines that as basic training or instruction in a subject. My subject is life - better living - and better living today, not on some far-off other day. For 2013, then, I ask: what would be the most grounding thing I can do in this moment? What decision will be most in line with the open, loving, connected and in-awe life I want to live, and want to look back on living when the end comes? That is the decision I'll make, each time - and I've already used it twenty times in less than five days! This is going to be a year of rewarding grounding. And you?

What's your word for this year?


  1. Nice!

    I have to give it some thought....

  2. ok, can't come up with one word, so it is "being in the present".
    I guess I could say "now" for 1 word,
    we'll see how that goes.....