Monday, January 2, 2012


Year after year, birthday after birthday, I announce the same resolution: floss my teeth every day. I've said before that I have a sneaking suspicion my entire life would fall into line - complete with deep, profound meaning in each moment and success in all endeavors - if only I could manage to floss every single day. (If you DO floss every single day, I don't want to hear about it. I don't want to hear about how easy it is. I probably am already jealous of your meaning-laden life and wild success as an artist.)

What's the resolution you make, over and over?


  1. Hahahah! I floss almost every day, but I *just* started. After a stern visit to my new dental hygienist and a husband that does, actually w/o fail even while we're traveling, floss daily. I give myself one day off a week. It's generally a Saturday night. We have an electric tooth brush now too (also an echo of that same dental hygienist's stern warning) and that has somehow helped me do it.

    That said for me, year after year it's been weight. But not this year. (Although it should be. Life stress has not translated well into food.) It normally also is something to do with filmmaking, but again, for the first time this year no. The former change is brought b/c life exhausts me right now, and it's a daily mental crawl. The second is b/c I've finally (*finally*) figured out a truth for myself and it makes me feel light and healthy and energetic. Ah the the warring truths.

  2. I never could do it. I LOVE my water pik, and use it nightly without fail. feels like I have my teeth cleaned daily..worth a try?

    resolution I never keep -- exercise 5x a week (or even 3)....