Friday, December 9, 2011

One Liner

My lovely Zumba teacher R encourages us to be rowdy in class... lots of whoops, shouts, party-it-up howls. She says it helps us remember to breathe. She says it's a hallmark of Zumba classes. But yesterday, I liked her reason best of all.

"If you can't use your voice in a safe space like this," she sternly reminded us, "then what will you do when you're in a situation when you really need to use it?"


  1. Damn. That is really true. And it makes me think about how being feminine is the opposite of being loud. (Not in truth but in social practice.) And in light of your teacher's statement, well...sad.

    Wait! This wasn't a sad post. Woop it up E! Woop it up!

  2. She is inspiring -- wish her a Merry Christmas from me! sure wish we had Zumba like her class here (might make me a better dancer)!