Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The countdown begins.

This is the first in a series of "I'm about to turn 30!" posts.

I need a pair of jeans that fits... and I have a great pair from a ladies clothing swap, a.k.a. Naked Lady Party. They're awesome, but getting way too big. So I went to the Levi's store in the fancy part of town and realized, oh hmmm, they don't make women's jeans in the numbers-style anymore (you know - 501s, 550s, etc).

But I had parked, I was there, and so I thought I'd let the salesgirl help me out with their new Levi's styles.

Alas, my friends, I am getting old. The jeans were all either skinny-leg-style (which doesn't look good on anyone who can vote; sorry! I'll tell you they look good when you ask me, but they don't) or were so low at the waist to be obscene in the back AND the front.

Plus, they give you extra things in the dressing room to possibly try on. I hate this. I hate it at Nordstrom and I hate it at Levi's.

And a $64 sweatshirt with a screenprint of a wolf on it is not for me. I was there the first time those were cool, and THAT is the real sign of aging in our pop-driven world.


  1. 30th birthday jeans? Dude - go custom.

  2. sweatshirt with a wolf??? montana chic
    ah-h-h, the jeans challenge,be sure to buy two pairs. the GAP, Target, Macy's -- Bandolino.

  3. I think jean shopping is actually worse than swimsuit shopping because a swimsuit you'll wear a couple of times during a single season. Jeans you know you'll wear a LOT. Which means there's more pressure to find a really good pair. Also, I have no idea what a really good pair is by the time I buy a new pair. I get so used to the look and feel (for better or worse) of the old pair it's too easy to confuse "unfamiliar" with "bad fit."