Thursday, March 24, 2011

YouTube Thursday: 1 min, 33 sec.

Have you seen this? If you have not seen this clip of Bill O'Reilly misunderstanding the phrase "play us out" in the context of a television show wrapping up, and then TOTALLY losing it, you must.


Because the next time we hang out, I might shout "Do it live!" or "Fucking thing Sucks!" or "Fuck it, do it live!" in response to a totally unrelated question or comment, and you will want to know why.
(This is, clearly, NSFW and NSFChildren.)


  1. It's the best. KO played it consistently...that's why O"Reilly hated him so much, I'm convinced!

  2. Wait, Bill O'Reilly was part of Inside Edition?! Oh gleeeeeful.