Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Personal Inventory: Shoes.

Heading into my 29th year next week, it feels like a good time to take some personal inventories. And what easier way to start than with the tangibles? So we begin with... shoes.

Oft called a woman's favorite thing, I have not normally given them too much thought. However, with a professional job and princess-and-the-pea feet who steadfastly prefer fine brands, this is as good a place as any to take stock, and start a new trend of consuming consciously.

Current count: 21 pairs. This includes two pairs of flip flops, which need to be tossed and replaced with one quality pair. It includes one pair of Sorel winter boots (because you will never really be able to take the Montana out of the girl), and one pair of heels that will be given to Goodwill after they are worn in a wedding later this year. It does not include a pair of ski boots or a pair of scuba diving booties, as I think these are sportswear and not footwear, and it does not include thoroughly beat up, mangled, old, scuzzo sneakers that live in the car permanently -- in case it breaks down in the middle of nowhere and I need to walk a distance (again, see girl + Montana).

In my heart of hearts, I'd like to own no more than 10 pairs of shoes at any given time. However, even for me this is pretty ambitious, the ugly American that I am, so I'm going to start with a solid 20 as the limit. From here on out, if a new pair gets bought, an old pair gets tossed. It already gives me goal... one old Payless pair of sneakers for real athletic shoes and the other old Payless pair for cute (non-running) sneakers; one old pair o' scuffed boots for work-appropriate fancy-lady boots, etc.

So, onward! And next up: purses. (We may as well get the classic women's wear out of the way first.)

So of course... if you'd like to share... how many shoes are in your closest(s) and trunk(s) and garage(s) and hallway(s)?


  1. Oh, fun challenge. I had no idea and had to go count. Twenty-two in my closet. Plus a pair of hiking boots that I probably haven't worn in 10 years that are somewhere up in the attic. Oh, and my wedding-day shoes, also in a box in the attic. But those are a memento and I don't really count them as footwear. There could be another pair lurking around the house somewhere too. I'm pretty bad about taking shoes off and leaving them around the house. But I just got the place company-clean yesterday, so I think most of them are safely rounded up in the closet and that 22 (or 23, or 24, depending how you count it) is a pretty accurate number.

  2. Six for this guy. Jackets... that's an other story.

  3. Ahh writing about shoes? Almost as good as writing about food! Ha.

    My most recent count comes to 11. More are on their way from Wisconsin, however. Sorel boots? Do I need to purchase some of these now that IM living in Montana? Do I also need a pair in my car?

    Thank goodness for this post, I may not have survived the winter without it!