Saturday, April 3, 2010

A coup.

Since Jezebel pretty much reads my mind with posts like this one, I must share with you all that while in Florida, I found a swimsuit! It was cheap, it is flattering, it is a print of pink polka dots and I look fab in it! Especially for my female peers, I think you know what a coup this is in the shopping realm. The right jeans, the right bra, and the right swimsuit: they are holy grails of the adult woman's shopping list. But the question is... should I post a pic? I think this week I shall...


  1. Oh,good for you! I found a swimsuit I like pretty well too, but I am not as brave as you.

  2. I refuse to acknowledge we're approaching swimsuit season. AHK!

    And nice work Emily. A coup indeed!