Friday, March 20, 2009

My Office and A(nother) Trip!

This is where I sit to do a lot of my work. My other "office" is the second floor conference room, which right now...

And I found out today I'm going to Panama City on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday! Woohoo! I hear great things, and we'll be flying in the small plane over the canal, eating out in some great old spots, and having some (hopefully) excellent meetings.

Beyond that, I've got a new farmer's market to visit tomorrow and some phone calls from the guard to field. I just had a three minute conversation with Miguel, but I really don't know what it was about. I hope it wasn't/isn't important... I think it was about whether I'm expecting guests tonight and if I would like to practice my Spanish a little more, because he is also learning English? Hmmm.

Might take a cue from Meggie's playbook... she taught her French kiddos really bad American swear words, like they wanted... except they were fake! So there were 5th graders running around La Rochelle saying "GUMDROP!" when they crashed their bikes, and calling their enemies "PETUNIAS!"


  1. Try "Garlic!" or or or how about "Tweezers"? That one always sounds dirty to me

  2. I LOVE the picture of the sky...I want to frame it above my bed!

  3. Gumdrop! Petunias! This makes me unbelievably happy.